We know how important these practice areas are to the success of your organization, and we have a dedicated IT advisory services team to provide our clients with these services. Our governance, risk, and compliance service engagements focus on both risk prevention and detection throughout your organization.



Advisory Information Technology (“AdIT”) employs a team of professionals certified in various financial and IT areas. AdIT was founded in February 2012 when the two founding partners created a unique advisory services practice emphasizing critical and outside the box thinkers. AdIT is focused on process improvement and adding value while meeting core compliance and regulatory needs. Regardless of industry or size, information technology is a great equalizer in benefits as well as risk. AdIT can help maximize those benefits while helping management mitigate related risks. AdIT is comprised of specially trained and certified professionals that can be called upon to perform several engagements which may require specialized expertise. Members of our advisory teams are certified by leading internationally recognized organizations dedicated to the education, research and professional standards in audit and security

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Efficient and effective management is critical to the success of any engagement. Our methodology encompasses the following features to ensure clients’ objectives are met.



AdIT’s Baseology services provide cloud-based enterprise applications designed to solve business process issues, remediate control gaps, mitigate risk, and facilitate the achievement of an entity’s overall goals and strategies.

Leveraging an optimized and common core web platform, Baseology designs modern and customized applications delivered as Software as a Service (“SaaS”). Baseology helps empower organizations by architecting streamlined, secure, reliable and responsive automated solutions.

Baseology’s automated solutions help organizations focus on the critical success factors and value-added activities that foster change. Baseology has an integrated, custom development methodology that enables the organization to achieve automated process performance improvement while solving key technology gaps and implementing a more controlled process.

AdIT’s Baseology services have helped organizations implement custom IT solutions that resolve specific gaps including those related to business processes, compliance, data integrity, system and application interfaces, internal controls, manually intensive activities, privacy, reporting, risk, and security.

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